Pick to lights - even row per second

Light-guided picking or pick to lights, together with warehouse management system provides an effective solution to small goods picking. Lights attached to shelves or boxes guide worker and allow simultaneous picking for several orders fast, effective and error free. One person can pick as fast as one row per second.

Metsys has designed and developed light-guided system to guide warehouse workers. Light tells the worker from which place he/she should pick the goods and display shows the needed amount. Completed picking is confirmed by pressing the button on display – this activates the next light on the picking route and makes it east for the picker to go to next location. System can also handle kanban-type locations.

Benefits of light-guided picking

Light-guided picking combined with optimized warehouse management has many benefits:

  • The number of personnel doesn’t increase but the efficiency of picking and delivery do
  • One person can pick up as fast as one row per second
  • Picking errors are minimized
  • One person can handle several simultaneous picking tasks
  • Real time data from the warehouse

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