Warehouse management, manufacturing execution and warehouse simulation solutions for companies

Metsys produces tailored solutions as finished products for warehouse management, internal logistics, manufacturing execution and process simulation and optimization. Extensive WMS solutions, connected to automatic systems, are our area of specialization.

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Warehouse management system WMS

WMS Warehouse Management System is the motor of the warehouse tasks pertaining to the delivery chain. An effective WMS controls the movement of goods within the warehouse, receipt of goods, shelving, picking, packaging and shipping. Efficient warehouse management streamlines and optimizes all warehouse processes.


Manufacturing execution MES

Manufacturing Execution System guides the different phases of the production, starting from product picking and continuing all the way to manufacturing and shipping of the products. MES enables us to provide the correct materials at the correct time next to the production cell or manufacturing device.


Warehouse simulation

MetPro system can be used to simulate the effectiveness of production and warehouse with material flows corresponding to the reality and with the actual warehouse layout. The simulation performs the warehouse actions in a set time, imitating the actual movement of material.


Light-guided picking

With light-guided picking you can optimize the picking of small goods. Lights and displays guide warehoude workers. One person can pick up as fast as one row per second.


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