We are Metsys

Metsys, founded in 1992, is a software company specialized in industrial data and controlling systems. We provide products and tailored solutions to different sections of industry, such as processing industry, production lines and logistics. We have focused our business on warehouse management (WMS), manufacturing execution (MES) and production simulation systems. With experience from over a hundred domestic and international projects we create solutions that directly benefit our customers’ business activities.

Lemonsoft group

We are a part of the Finnish Lemonsoft group.

Lemonsoft is a Finnish software group developing software solutions for the benefit of your company. The reason for our existence is making our ERP program and its services as user friendly as possible. We fight poor usability. We make our customer companies’ growth possible with our solutions. We believe that with our help, our customers can grow their results and that we offer them the best customer experience in the field.

We have about 110 coworkers and our revenue is 15 million euros. We have been granted the Bisnode credit rating AAA and Kauppalehti magazine’s certificates for successful and growing companies. We have received a perfect score in P analysis every year since 2014. Economic success enables our strong future development, and for our customers we are a reliable partner. We are the fastest growing company in our field, and our growth is profitable.

We have over 6,000 clients and we touch the everyday life of over 50,000 users.

We trust the skills of Metsys