Effective warehouse management system for warehouse tasks

WMS Warehouse Management System is the engine of inhouse logistics. All tasks in the warehouse, receiving, picking, packaging and shipping are efficiently managed and operated by one system. WMS allows you to control the movement of goods within the warehouse and that way streamline and optimize all warehouse processes.

MetroWMS allows you to optimize all your warehouse processes starting from incoming goods to shipping finished items. In addition to the traditional manual picking with the help of bar codes, the system is able to control AGV forklifts, overhead cranes or automated warehouses. The use of RFID is possible. The WMS can be connected to various ERP systems to integrate it closely to the other processes of the company.

WMS vs. ERP?

ERP systems control the warehouse often only on a less detailed level. The system says you have 5 pieces of product in stock, but doesn’t inform you of their physical location in the warehouse. MetroWMS shows the more precise address of a product or an item – its storage and shelf location. In these cases the system gives remarkable added value to the existing ERP warehouse management systems.

Benefits of Warehouse Management

With optimal warehouse management, a company can save tens, possibly even hundreds of thousands of euros annually. The savings could occur in these areas, for example:

  • The performance of the warehouse improves
  • The number of personnel doesn’t increase but the efficiency of picking and delivery do
  • Picking errors are minimized
  • Real time data from the warehouse
  • Use of the warehouse is more efficient, e.g. the system is able to point the final location of an object and shelf space use is minimal
  • Automated actions and control of automated stock

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