Does it always have to be so complicated?

Just another day in the warehouse?

“Phew, I need to print the picking lists for the next job. Dang, paper tray is empty, I got to get a new box.” “Well, now the paper feed is jammed, how do you open this printer…”

“Finally started printing papers… What’s going on now? Low dye level…”.

Does this sound familiar? Doing a simple thing, such as printing a picking list, is not always easy. Running out of paper or dye irritates and brings extra work phases and, in general, Mr. Murphy and his laws ensure that this happens just when you’re in a hurry.

Do things have to be like that? Could the picking of goods be done completely without papers? And with great efficiency?


Pick-to-light is an excellent way to improve the efficiency of picking. Pick-to-light system enables everyone to be super efficient in picking, even if they don’t know the products. At its best, after less than hour’s introduction anyone can very efficient. This, if anything, brings more efficiency and flexibility, enabling the work transition, i.e. between tasks, or the utilization of temporary workers.

Light-controlled collection is also super fast. The speed of picking varies depending on the size and weight of the goods, but a line-per-second speed can be achieved. That, if anything, is high-speed picking.

In light-controlled picking, the picking screen per bin guides the employee. Instead of printed lists, the employee selects the picking(s) to be started. As the picking progresses, the control system will then turn on the display module on the shelf with light and the quantity to be picked. After picking the goods, the employee will turn off the light, and the light at the next picking location will turn on and so on. Inventory balances are always up-to-date and continuous location- or item-specific inventory is possible.

Metsys’ Metro collection control system is the result of our own design and product development. Displays are easy to connect as part of various shelf solutions, and the control system can be integrated to various ERP-systems.

If you want more information, we are happy to discuss how to improve the efficiency of your warehouse management!

Jakke Vyyryläinen

CEO, Metsys Oy